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Wednesday, 13 March 2019 18:48

North Carolina murderer: 'I deserve life' in prison Featured

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BANGOR - Two of the three criminals involved in a home invasion and double shooting in Millinocket that left one man dead were sentenced on Wednesday.

North Carolina resident Tony Locklear described as “a monster” and “evil” in court was sentenced to life behind bars. His daughter got time served for her role.


“I've committed murders in other states so it's about time I get my dues,” Tony Locklear said. “And I hope the court does give me life because I deserve that.”


Locklear has also been charged with murder and kidnapping in the 2017 death of a North Carolina man.


In January, Locklear entered guilty pleas to murder, elevated aggravated assault and robbery in the December 2017 shooting death of Wayne Lapierre, a Millinocket businessman. His wife was also shot twice in the head, but survived and was in the courtroom on Wednesday, surrounded by family and friends.


“Wayne was my friend and I betrayed that and I deserve life,” Locklear said. “And I deserve, you know, I did [expletive] to my daughter I shouldn't have done, and I'm not proud of it. I'm still a father.”


“He will serve the rest of his natural life in jail,” said Lisa Marchese, deputy attorney general for Maine. “The family is very pleased with that and we're also very pleased.”


His daughter, Alexis Locklear, and her former boyfriend, Christopher Murray, were also charged in the Lapierre home invasion and robbery, and have been convicted for their roles.


She was sentenced Wednesday for robbery and got 375 days or time served in a plea agreement with prosecutors in exchange for testifying against Murray. She was later released from Penobscot County Jail.


“I froze up in panic and didn't do anything for that I blame myself for being a coward,” she said in court.


As she got into a car with her mom and grandmother to leave, she apologized to the Lapierre family.


“I'm sorry,” she said. “I didn't want nothing to happen to him.”


During a January trial, Murray was convicted of murder for shooting Wayne Lapierre and elevated aggravated assault for shooting his wife, Diem. He also was convicted of robbery.


The sentencing date for Murray has not been set.

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