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Lawmakers look to end daylight saving time Featured

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AUGUSTA - Certain lawmakers are through with changing their clocks twice a year.

 Legislators are looking to do away with the constant change in-between Eastern Standard Time and Eastern Daylight Time every year.


On Monday morning - they gathered to discuss bills that would make Mainers stay in Eastern Daylight Time permanently.


Lawmakers say that sticking with Eastern Daylight Time, which lasts from mid-March to early November, is beneficial all year round for Mainers and that it's not worth pushing the clocks back an hour in the fall.


"Eliminating the practice of changing the clocks have broad support and that scientific studies show that the pros outweighs the cons," Democrat Representative Chris Kessler said.


"Numerous studies have shown that there are many detrimental affects to changing your internal clock. More heart attacks, more accidents, we actually use more energy because of it," Democrat Representative Donna Bailey said.


These proposed changes come with bipartisan support.


"I hear people talking all the time how difficult it is to adjust to the time changes. Studies have shown that for health reasons and economic reasons, maybe it is time to make that adjustment," Republican Representative Thomas Skofield said.


Opponents to the proposals say the change could potentially throw Maine out of whack with the rest of the country.


Overall lawmakers say that Mainers want to enjoy daytime and its sunlight for as long as they can for the entire year without having to change their clocks.

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