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Deer Isle man gets jail for assaults Featured

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ELLSWORTH - A Deer Isle man will be spending time in jail for assaulting a family in Sedgwick last summer and for biting a Maine State Police trooper in February.

Before Richard Bubar was sentenced for assaulting the family of four from Sedgwick he turned to them in the courtroom and apologized.


“I have no problem with these people and I'm sorry. I'm sorry,” he said. “That's all I can say really. I'm not that kind of person.”


After Bubar made his statement, Justice Robert Murray asked Assistant District Attorney Heather Staples to read his lengthy criminal history.


Bubar pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and driving to endanger for attacking the Sedgwick family, which included two children, in July after they complained about him squealing his tires near their home. The judge said Bubar put one of the family members in a choke-hold, cutting off air momentarily, which is why the assault charge was aggravated.


He also admitted to assaulting a police officer and other crimes related to his Feb. 8 arrest for drunk driving in Sedgwick, where he punched an EMTs vehicle and bit the gloved hand of the trooper who charged him.


Justice Murray said both violent incidents, “suggest to the court that a period of incarceration is certainly warranted and, more importantly, a period of probation for a lengthy period is warranted to oversee the defendant upon his release.”


The judge sentenced Bubar to five years in prison with all but 9 months suspended, and three years of probation where he's not allowed to use or possess illegal drugs or alcohol. He also ordered that Bubar pay nearly $7,800 in medical and dental bills for the Sedgwick family and $527 for damage to the EMT's vehicle.


“I think if you've been to a lot of these, people don't usually apologize,” said John Steed, Bubar's attorney. “They usually don't want to take blame for what they've done. I think Mr. Bubar has apologized. He has taken responsibility. And he wants to move on with his life and show that the leniency he was showed was something he deserved.”


Bubar will spend the next 9 months in the Hancock County Jail.

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