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Another snowstorm hits Maine Featured

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BANGOR - Several inches of snow fell across the state Monday. Some people say they love it, and others are dreaming of warmer temperatures.

Monday's snow storm dumped more snow all across the state.


Many began their day by clearing driveways and shoveling out their cars.


"I didn't expect the snow like this, 'cause the last 2 months there's no snow crazy like this," said Ken Qian of Bangor.


Snow total predictions were between 4-8 inches in the Bangor area, while Washington and Hancock counties were hit harder.


Some people told us they're surprised by the snowfall so far this year.


"Caribou, they're saying they had like 100 inches ... I feel like we got more snow last year," said Ryan MacPhail of Bangor.


Others say it's Maine and they don't mind more snow.


"With the fresh power and the sun hits it just right, it's like thousands of little diamonds sparkling in the light," said Elizabeth Koritzky. "I mean how can you not love it?"


But many we spoke with say they're looking forward to budding flowers and warmer weather.


"I've just had enough, you know it's March. We're not supposed to get this much now," said Tim Cough of Bangor.


They're hopeful for an early spring.


"We hope every year for that, but it doesn't happen ever," said Robert Sypitkowski.

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