Friday, 22 February 2019 16:51

Funds sought for school repairs

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AUGUSTA - A Bangor lawmaker wants funding to help renovate Maine's schools.

According to Rep. Victoria Kornfield, D-Bangor, there are 600 school buildings in the state. Many of them were built in the 1950s or earlier and most are in need of repair and improvements to make them safer.


Kornfield said the Department of Education is building, on average, two new schools a year. At that pace, she said, it will take 300 years to replace all the schools in Maine.


On Thursday, Kornfield pushed for a one-time deposit of $25 million to fund school renovations and said the money could come from many different sources.


"My bill would go to the appropriations table," she said. "There are a couple of other bills. One is for a bond ... There may be money in the governor's budget for this," she said.


Kornfield said the $25 million amount came from the overall total that has been requested to make the needed improvements at the schools.