Friday, 22 February 2019 13:06

Bill would keep tax laws under legislature's control

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AUGUSTA - A state lawmaker wants to keep tax laws under the control of the legislature.

Sen. Jeff Timberlake,  R-Turner, is promoting a bill that prohibits new or increased fees or taxes through citizen referendums.


Timberlake said he believes that any move to alter taxes needs to go through a legislative committee instead of citizens voting on it when they may not know the complexities of the tax changes.


If approved, Timberlake's bill would send a proposed amendment to the Maine Constitution to voters.


"If the legislature needs to increase taxes, that needs to be done through the legislature, not through the referendum," Timberlake said. "We shouldn't be increasing taxes on the people of the state of Maine through the ballot box because it needs to be vetted."


Members of Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee debated the bill. It will now go to the legislature for further consideration.

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