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School committee discusses new budget Featured

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BANGOR- Governor Mill's proposed budget is giving schools around the state extra funding, including here in Bangor.

In her proposed budget, governor mills allocated more than $126 million towards public education.

"Bangor is receiving approximately 867,000 more dollars under the Governors proposed budget" Betsy Webb, the Bangor School Superintendent told us.

While that sounds like a lot, Webb says that it does not match what they need to maintain federally required special education programs.

"One thing I do know is looking at special education, our increase cost is up about 900-thousand dollars."

Webb says the budget is still in its earliest stages and many details have yet to be resolved before the school committee gets a first look at it in March.

"We get the input of teachers, department heads, and principals before we pull the budget together" Webb said. "I really look to them to tell us what kind of increases we need."

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