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Vacation week camp at Challenger Learning Center Featured

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BANGOR - Kids may be off from school this week but the Challenger Learning Center of Maine is keeping kids busy with an educational vacation week.

 The Challenger Learning Center of Maine is celebrating its 15th vacation camp anniversary.


"And we've been doing them for as long as we've been open. They are actually becoming really popular in fact we usually always sell out," Challenger Learning Center of Maine Executive Director Kirsten Hibbard said. 


Every day they do different activities for the kids and Wednesday was engineering challenge day. Each room has a different activity.


"So really working through the whole engineer design process with our campers. So we give them a challenge they build it and of course, the most fun part is testing it," said Hibbard.


The kids can definitely agree with that.


Campers Belle and Shiloh Cothrin said,  "We're trying to like make action figures or dolls float and make them stand up."


Campers are given unique items and must come up with creative ways to figure out the challenge.


"It really gives a unique opportunity things that they work on in school science you know those stem aspects, but doing it all hands on all fun and really feeling engaged," Hibbard said.


This also gives kids a chance to learn about different types of careers.


"Because then you learn new things and you are an expert in a lot of things," said the Cothrin sisters.


"They'll have a particular interest you know that day they'll really like science and we want that we want them to ask questions and we'll talk about it as a group and if we don't know it we'll do the research because we want that spark we want that interest and take it further," said Hibbard.


Registration for the Challenger Learning Center summer program is now available. Just head to  for more information.


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