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Proposed bill would expand abuse protections Featured

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STATEWIDE- Renee Clark of Hampden was allegedly murdered by her brother in law last July but some feel it may have been preventable.

"Change is needed and I'm glad they're not just letting it blow by," Dominic Crocitto, Renee's ex-husband said.


Less than six months before she was murdered, Renee Clark tried to take out a protection from abuse order against her accused killer, her brother in law, Phillip Clark.


"We have a lot of domestic violence issues in Maine," Senator Stacey Guerin said. "It wouldn't surprise me if this same situation happened before and that's why we like to fix the loopholes, so someone doesn't slip through the cracks when they ask for help."


Renee's request was denied because Phillip was her brother-in-law, not a blood relative.


Now Senator Guerin is sponsoring a bill to close the loopholes that prevented Renee from getting the protection from abuse order.


"This would have allowed a judge to have told her that she had applied for the wrong remedy," Geurin said.


Under the current law, protection from abuse orders can only be granted against blood relatives, former partners or household members.


"It's closing the loophole that if someone was putting a protection of abuse order toward a brother-in-law that that would be a close enough person to get protection from," Guerin said.


Renee's ex-husband said that while there is still work to be done in preventing domestic violence, this is a great first step.


"I'm glad to see Renee's death was not for nothing. She was a fantastic person"

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