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Maine boy released after bone marrow transplant

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BOSTON - A little boy from the town of China, Maine just got a transplant of new bone marrow cells and was released from the hospital on Friday.

Chance Cunningham now has a fighting chance against Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis or HLH, a rare disorder of the immune system, thanks to a bone marrow donor from a woman in Germany. He'll stay with his family in Boston for the next couple of weeks to ensure he's healthy to go home.


“They take some bone marrow out of like your hip and they gave it to Chance and then the healthy stem cells ... they replace the nonworking ones that were killed off by the chemo,” Lacey Cunningham, Chance's mom, said in a phone interview. “They just start creating a new immune system.”


Cunningham said warning signs for HLH are a hardened stomach combined with a lengthy high fever and a rash. She suggested parents of any child with those systems to get blood work done as soon as possible.


She also encourages people to donate bone marrow.


To help the Cunningham family with their medical expenses, visit their GoFundMe page.

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