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Tournament week's economic impact on Bangor Featured

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BANGOR- It's tournament time... All those basketball games bring people from all over the state to Bangor.

Tournament week is a big deal for the high school teams hoping to achieve their state title aspirations.

But the tournament isn't just a big deal for basketball teams. It's also important for businesses in Bangor and the surrounding area.

"Yeah it definitely affects our business we got a lot of business in this weekend, families coming down to see the tournaments, basketball tournaments so saw a lot of familiar faces from Aroostook County. Definitely affects the bar business a lot people trying get some food and couple good cocktails," Tanner Caron, a Bartender for Blaze.

Some business owners say tournament week changes their schedule.

"We've noticed a lot of waves throughout the morning and mid day so it seems like when the games get out a lot people come all together so we get a lot of waves," Caron said.

But there are other businesses in Bangor where owners say they are not feeling the tournament week ripples of increased business.

One business owner, Rick Vigue of Rebbeca's in Bangor, states that his store is one of those businesses.

"I don't think we've really seen an increase in business because of the tournaments, I know down by the auditorium its incredibly busy. As far as retail goes I don't think its made a big impact on us. I think people come for the day, go home, stop at a restaurant and leave Bangor," Vigue says.

Business owners say one thing has changed. They say not as many people stay overnight and stay and shop in the retail businesses as they did in years past.

"We used to gear up particularly the county people they were great customers coming in during the tournaments. Now I think they come and go to the games, not so much for shopping," Vigue says.

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