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Young boy awaits needed kidney surgery Featured

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Millinocket- We have an update on a young boy named Ashton in need of a kidney transplant.

After many ups and downs, Ashton and his family has great news for his future.

On the outside Ashton looks and acts like a healthy little four year old boy full of energy.

But on the inside, it hasn’t exactly been the case as he was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease when he was 10 months old.

Since then Danielle Lozier, Ashton’s mom, has been trying to get him a new kidney.

“"But up until now we've been unsuccessful, he was due to actually to have a transplant in January 2018, but at the last minute that person ended up not being a match so we had to cancel the surgery 10 days before, that was a huge disappointment for us for sure," Lozier said.

Danielle hoped to get the new kidney for Ashton before they began dialysis but the latest setback pushing back their desired timetable.

For eight hours a day, Ashton has to be hooked up to the machine for it to act like a kidney for him and clean out all of the toxins in his little body.

That unfortunate rejection created a little doubt for Ashton's chances of getting a new kidney soon.

"Obviously that affected me as well because I still worry that oh maybe he won't get this kidney. I try not to think like that but its always in the back of my mind that something can happen that maybe it won't happen but we're hoping for the best," Lozier said.

And their patience and resilience has paid off as another potential donor popped up recently and this time it is confirmed that kidney donor is a match.

“I hung up the phone and I grabbed Ashton and we started spinning around in circles I was screaming it was so exciting so exciting but it just incredible that someone is willing to donate their own kidney to give Ashton the life he deserves to have,” Lozier said.

The surgery is scheduled for May of this year.

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