Friday, 15 February 2019 10:36

Jurors could see pay increase

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AUGUSTA - People summoned for jury duty might see a noticeable increase in their daily pay.

Sen. Paul Davis, R-Dover-Foxcroft, has introduced legislation that would raise the daily juror rate to $50 a day. He said that the pay was $20 a day before a budget crunch in the early 1990s, when the pay dropped to $10 a day.


Pay for witnesses, stenographers and others involved in the daily operation of the courts went down during the budget crunch as well but the pay rates for those people have all been returned to their normal rate or higher.


Davis said the juror rate was raised to $15 in 2016 but that most Mainers make more than that and having to report for jury duty is a considerable sacrifice.


"It seems to me to pay them $50 a day isn't a big pay. A lot of them make a lot more money than that. They give it all up and not all employers pay their people the balance -- a lot of them don't," he said.


Davis said he did not expect any push back for the proposal, which is making its way through the legislature.