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Bangor DPW works on snow cleanup

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BANGOR- More than seven inches of snow fell on Bangor Tuesday night through Wednesday.

"We've had more than twenty-two trucks out all day, plowing, scraping, and treating the road" Eric Willet, the Director of the Bangor DPW told us.

On Wednesday night - employees from the Department of Public Works were clearing snow from downtown Bangor.

Willet asked people to avoid the area if possible and respect the parking ban.

"Parking ban is your not allowed to park on any city streets after 11 o'clock tonight" he explained. "If you're car is in the way, we will have it towed."

Willet also wants to remind people that when you're outside shoveling or snowblowing your driveway that you also remember to clear off your sidewalks.

Another important thing to do when this type of weather happens, is to clear *all* of the snow from your vehicle.

"It's really important so they can see, as well as others doesn't get ice and things blown into their vehicle" a Bangor resident explained. "Sometimes it can cause windows to break, accidents...etc."

While the snow can be a bother for some, others have learned to love it.

"I definitely like the snow" Howard Jones, a Bangor resident as he was finishing shoveling his driveway. "I just liked it more 25 years ago when I moved here than now, but it's just part of life and what you do."

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