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Fuel companies warm the hearts of locals with free oil Featured

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PENOBSCOT COUNTY - Valentine's Day isn't just about cards, flowers and chocolate. There are other ways to "Fuel your Love."

Maine Energy warmed the hearts, and homes, of some lucky customers Thursday.

They're spreading the love by giving a handful of homeowners free oil.

It's part of the Fuel Your Love Event, helping those who could use an extra boost.

With chocolates and flowers in hand, fuel company employees went door to door offering the Valentine's Day surprise.

The sweet gesture caught many off guard.

"I was told that somebody was gonna look at the tank for some reason, I didn't know why. I had no idea," said Wendy Clewley, a fuel recipient. "It's a huge help."

"I think we found it's a lot more heartwarming for us to do this for some people who are really grateful that we did," said Rob Cort, president of Maine Energy.

The company left its customers with full tanks, and full hearts.

"It's probably one of the greatest ideas I've heard of within the past 78 years," said Michael Drake, a fuel recipient.

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