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New lobster processing plant facility opening in Bucksport Featured

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BUCKSPORT - Over the past year, Bucksport has been receiving good news such as the pending arrival of a salmon farm. Now, they are working on a project that will continue to help with their economic boost.


A lobster processing plant is currently under construction in the town of Bucksport.


Stonington based Greenhead Lobster is building this facility at the Bucksport Heritage Park.


Community and Economic Development Director Richard Rotella said the building should be completed by early spring, and the first group of people should be hired late spring early summer.


"It's gonna be a processing plant so types of jobs you'll be looking at you'll have your administrative, you'll have your packaging and other processing needs. It's gonna be hiring in phases with the numbers being roughly 40 and 50," said Rotella.


He said Greenhead Lobster is already taking applications. You can reach Richard Rotella at the Bucksport Municipal Office if you're interested in a job.


Rotella said this new facility is great for obvious reasons like creating new jobs, but also great for the region as well.


"Bucksport and the region didn't die when verso paper mill went under. Here in Bucksport we reinvented ourselves and we've kept going forward and made it a priority to serve the citizens of Bucksport," Rotella said.


He said the feedback from the community has been positive, "We've got more local jobs who are going to pay fairly well and they're new and it's going back to the roots it's water-based. Maine is surrounded by water so we're using our natural resources to our benefit."



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