Tuesday, 12 February 2019 11:26

Woman wants to close reporting loopholes

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STATEWIDE - A Clifton woman is working to strengthen state laws requiring the mandatory reporting of crimes against children.

Amber Murphy said Monday she became concerned when she learned of a sexual assault victim who was ignored by mandated reporters.


Murphy said she is working with a member of the Maine House of Representatives to draft a law that would strengthen current reporting requirements.


According to Murphy, there currently is no consequence if a school official does not report acts of misconduct to the proper authorities.


"The way the law is currently written, it leaves some openings so a lot of teachers and guidance counselors may interpret it that 'Oh, I only need to report it if it's occurring within the child's home' and that's not necessarily the case," she said.


Murphy said she believes that her meeting with a Penobscot County legislator on Tuesday is the first step she needs to take to accomplish her goal of closing the loophole.