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The Soupman to visit Bangor, Millinocket

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BANGOR - A Millinocket native who now lives in Massachusetts and is known as "The Soupman" is back in Maine to give out backpacks filled with items for the homeless.

Peter Kelleher lost an adult son to drug addiction during 2016 in Bangor. While grieving, he began making soup and giving it away to homeless people ... just like his son.


That is how "The Soupman" was born.


On this trip to Maine, he's not making soup, he's giving out backpacks filled with toiletries, gloves, hats and hand warmers. And he's working on adding a portable shower for people in Bangor.


“This just started going and I couldn't stop it,” he said Monday by phone, just before entering Maine. “Why would I want to stop it. We're helping hundreds of people. And it's just that simple: People helping people.”


Kelleher has already raised around $10,000 towards the $50,000 cost of the portable shower. His organization just installed one in Brockton, Mass. and has the goal of installing one in every major city in New England.


The Soupman hit Biddeford to give out backpacks on Monday and will make his way north. He is scheduled to arrive in Bangor on Wednesday and then will go to his hometown of Millinocket on Friday.


Those interested in finding out more can go to the: Support the Soupman Facebook page.

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