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Bangor fighting against potholes Featured

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BANGOR- Potholes have been a consequence of this winter for drivers. Every winter season, potholes are an annoyance for drivers, but so far, this winter season has made potholes a major issue for not only drivers but the city of Bangor itself.

Potholes can cause serious damage to drivers' vehicles.

Stratham Tire Manager Ed Michaud states that "We are seeing a lot of flat tires, impact brakes, tire damage, broken wheels we see a lot of cracked wheels, broken steering and suspension, components such as springs and potholes it doesn't take to knock an alignment out of the vehicle so it can create a lot of other problems with the vehicle."

Officials warn for people try to stay out of the potholes and to get their cars serviced every 6,000 miles.

"This is the worst I've ever seen it, and its all due to the weather. We have these warm wet storms where the water seeps into the pavement and then we have the cold right afterwards and it freezes it so it pushes it back up, causes it crack more and we get another rain storm and then traffic going over it pounds the asphalt right over the whole," said Bangor Public Works Director Eric Wilett.


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