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BANGOR - Twenty four years ago, 8-month-old Aisha Mariah Dickson was tortured to death in an apartment on Bald Mountain Drive.

No one has ever been charged in her death even though both of her parents and grandmother were home at the time.


The medical examiner determined the baby girl died on Jan. 6, 1995 of blunt force trauma to her head.


The autopsy states nearly every bone in her 11-pound body had been broken in her short life, and the first injury occurred when she was around two months old.


Investigators say all three of her family member are suspects, but they lawyered up and never gave them the information needed to definitively point the finger at who took Aisha's life.


“Someone needs to be charged,” said Mariah Cyr, who lives in the apartment where the crime occurred.


“I don't care who is not talking. I understand the police have certain steps of investigation they have to do but the fact that they were able to just run away from the situation and act like it never happened.”


One of the suspects - Aisha's grandmother June Johnson - has since died. The girl's parents, Sarah Johnson and DeShawn Dickson, went on to have more children, two that were taken by the state, according to earlier reports.


“This little girl was essentially tortured. Tortured,” Cyr said. “I mean there is no other way to put it. Neglected. I can't imagine. That's not how parents treat their kids.”


Cyr and her daughter have lived in the apartment for just over a year.


“I didn't know anything about it, you know,” she said. “When I moved in everyone started to tell me about it and I looked it up and just reading the whole story, I was crying.”


Bangor police Sgt. Wade Betters said in an email that the case remains open and investigators are "still hoping for help from anyone who knows something about the case."


“It's sad,” Cyr said. “You don't do that to people that you love. A helpless baby you just don't do that.”

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