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Bucksport man disappeared 2 years ago Featured

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BUCKSPORT - Police are investigating the disappearance of a local man two years ago, and authorities say so far their investigation has turned up nothing.

Some now suspect foul play.


The last known sighting of Colin Arey, who went by the nickname Cole, was in January 2017 when a family member gave him a ride to the Brewer. For a time, he worked as a substitute teacher and education technician at the G. Herbert Jewett School in Bucksport.


“There has been no movement, no updates, no tips in regards to his disappearance,” Sgt. David Winchester of the Bucksport Police Department said Wednesday. “The last movement on his Facebook account was in January of '17. Nothing on his bank accounts, bank records, no credit card movement.


“Basically at this point, we're still tracking down some leads,” the sergeant added later. “One of the biggest things for us is trying to finding out who he may have been staying with in Brewer back in January of '17.”


“At this point, we haven't had anything” that has proved useful, Winchester said.


Family members and friends have posted on social media that they suspect foul play. Winchester said he wasn't ready to go down that road, just yet.


“Well, I'm not prepared to say that,” the investigator said. “But it is definitely odd that a young man has disappeared for this amount of time with no contact with anybody. There was one person he was very close with in New York City that he spoke with two or three times a week and I've been in contact with that person repeatedly and they haven't heard from him either.”


Investigators contacted all 50 states to see if Arey tried to get a new driver's license, they checked to see if he left the country or joined the military to no avail. They have also tapped the help of the Maine State Police Major Crimes Unit and the FBI.


“They didn't have any hits on Cole anywhere in the United States,” Winchester said.


Anyone with information about Cole Arey is asked to call Sgt. David Winchester at Bucksport Police Department at 469-7951.

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