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Skowhegan pastor predicts Pats score

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SKOWHEGAN - Did you see Sunday night's Patriots game ending the way it did? Well a Skowhegan pastor is getting some attention for predicting the football score against the Chiefs.

 On Friday, Pastor Mark Tanner of Skowhegan Federated Church put up a sign outside the church reading: "God doesn't have a favorite team, but the pastor does," and guessing the game would end with the Pats winning 37-31.


Tanner's son said his dad has always been good at predicting plays and game outcomes, but this was something else.


"We were down to the last quarter of the game, it went into overtime, I was looking at a couple friends of mine and I was like, 'My dad might actually be right about this prediction if they get a touchdown,'" said Josh Tanner, "and sure enough they ran it into the end zone."


Since Sunday night, multiple news outlets have reached out to the Tanner family.


Josh Tanner said it's been fun to bring some positive attention to Skowhegan now that the sign has started to go viral.


He said his dad has predicted the Pats will win the Super Bowl, but won't say by how much just yet. His prediction will eventually go up on the sign.

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