Monday, 21 January 2019 16:10

Mountain View Correctional Facility gets recertified

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CHARLESTON - Mountain View Correctional Facility has received accreditation for another three years, according to the minimum security prison's superintendent.

Jeffrey Morin said that every three years, all the state's jails are inspected by a national organization.


He said the review was conducted in October of last year and that last week, the facility's staff learned they got they had received accreditation.


"Every standard, there are mandatory standards, and we met 100 percent of the mandatories. And, like I said, 99.6 of the non-mandatories," Morin said.


According to the State Department of Corrections, the 38-year-old minimum-security facility has the capacity to hold 446 prisoners. There are more than 160 people working at the Charleston site.

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