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Snow, sleet hit Bangor area Featured

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BANGOR - With more than a foot of snow predicted to fall on Bangor Sunday, people spent the day shoveling out.


The storm lasted for the better part of the day, and turned to sleet by the early afternoon.


The roads? Slippery, but relatively quiet.


The Penobscot River? Going nowhere fast.


But there was one mode of transportation that was pretty reliable. A couple of kids went sledding by the Mansfield Sports Complex.


"We're going very, very fast and then trying to hike back up it without falling," said one little girl.


Back downtown, some businesses were open through the storm.


"I'm going to enjoy snowmageddon in Blaze for brunch and some day-drinking," said Gary Sund.


That's one way to stay warm. Another was Irish step dancing, as some at Paddy Murphy's were doing a jig to warm up post shoveling.


"We're enjoying our snow day, we are dancing, shoveling and sweeping the snow," said Nora Dobbs.


"It hurt my face," said River Felcman, laughing off the sleet conditions.


Since our news team didn't have a measuring stick, we used a tripod to gauge how high some of the snow drifts were. For the record, the snow this afternoon was at about one third of a collapsed tripod high.


Other people spent their snow day inside at the Cross Insurance Center. The games played on at the eleventh annual SnowCon Gaming Convention.


SnowCon features table top gaming, like cards and board games.


"We're having a great time being snowed in," said Gibran Graham, a co-organizer of the SnowCon Gaming Convention. "My favorite part of the weekend is actually the people that we see every year that come back."


He said some came all the way from Arizona for the gaming convention.


It might have been a rude awakening to winter for them, but for Mainers it's snow big deal. Just another Sunday.


"I'm watching the Patriots game later. Definitely. Going to hang out with some friends," said Christopher Mclaughlin.


To clear all that snow, Bangor has a parking ban in place until Friday morning.

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