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Bangor braces for winter storm this weekend Featured

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BANGOR - Say it ain't snow. With snow predicted for Friday and some heavy winter weather coming Sunday, crews around Bangor were gearing up.


Bangor Public Works crews spent Thursday pre-treating roads, putting a mixture down to make snow easier to clear.


"We started off really hard and fast, it snowed my first few days I started," said Eric Willett, who took over as Bangor Public Works Director at the end of last year, "and we had a little break so the guys have been out patching."


Willett said that break helped the salt budget get back on track. But now that the snow is coming back, Bangor Public Works will likely have all twenty-two trucks out at the storm's peak.


According to Willett, people can expect a downtown parking ban from Sunday, likely all the way to Wednesday, so crews can remove that snow.


Officials recommend to stay home if you can.


"Give our guys the room they need to do what they need to do to get the snow off the streets," said Willett. "We've been looking forward to a big storm so far this year."


Hardware store owners said shovels have started to disappear from shelves again.


"People getting ready with salt because of the ice," said Sheldon Hartstone, the owner of Fairmount Hardware Co., "and the roof rakes right now which we have, basically people do wait until the last minute for that."


With wet, heavy snow and wind predicted, Emera Maine officials said they are planning to have crews come down from Canada to help on Sunday. And with power outages possible, it's a good reminder to be prepared.


"If you lose power and you lose the ability to safely heat your home, it's a good idea to make a plan for where you may be able to take shelter safely," said Judy Long, a spokeswoman for Emera Maine. "Have a supply of food, water, batteries, and fuel."


Speaking of stocking up,what about the bread and milk? Grocery stores were filling up on Thursday evening, including the Hannaford on Union Street.


"It's very busy," said one woman with milk in her grocery cart, "hopefully this will get me by throughout the storm."


But for some, it's just another winter in Maine.


"Oh, I don't get too excited about it," said one man shopping, "I've been in Maine all my life. Storms come, storms go. And we'll be here after it's all gone."

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