Wednesday, 16 January 2019 14:56

Hallowell woman drives car through garage

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HALLOWELL (WGME) - An elderly woman told police she hit the gas -- instead of the brakes -- and plowed her car right through her garage.


Her car went through the garage door and continued through the back wall of the garage before ending up nose down in her back yard.


The incident happened Monday afternoon on Town Farm Road.


Hallowell Fire Chief Jim Owens said that he expected to find the car inside the garage when he got to the scene.


"I ducked under the garage door and I walked in. And all I could see was the rear end of the car sitting on the edge of the concrete floor of the driveway.  And it was nose down," Owens said.


"And then I ran around the outside. And when I went around the corner of the house, I looked up and I went, 'Oh my.' And she was still in the vehicle," he said.


Owens said the driver, who complained of chest pain, was still in the hospital as of Tuesday but that her injuries would have been more severe had she not been wearing her seatbelt.