Wednesday, 16 January 2019 13:03

List of accused former priests includes 7 who taught in Maine

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PORTLAND (WGME) - The Jesuits have released a list of 50 priests accused of sex abuse against children and seven of them were former employees of Cheverus High School in Portland.

While school officials declined to speak on camera, they did acknowledge that the seven priests who worked there over the years had been credibly accused by victims of sex abuse.


Some alumni were not happy with the response.


"It's been a struggle to get the Jesuits to do what they taught us," said Paul Kendrick, a Cheverus alumnus and a victim advocate.


And that, to Kendrick, means helping the victims, which he said has not happened.


The seven priests who were accused of sexual abuse at Cheverus were identified as William Cahill, Stephen Dawber, Joseph Dooley, Eugene Orteneau, Richard Roos, James Talbot and James Walsh.


In 2005, Talbot pleaded guilty of sexually abusing two teenagers in Boston. Cheverus officials said five of the seven accused priests are dead.


"But the victims are still here," Kendrick said. He said the school should reach out to compensate the alleged victims.


The president of Cheverus issued a statement that read in part: "The decision to release this list is a necessary step towards healing. (We) implemented policies (15 years ago) regarding inappropriate conduct between a Jesuit and a minor. Cheverus has in place rigorous screenings and a protocol for both employees and students to


report allegations."


Kendrick said the school must do more.


"They taught us that the service of our faith must include the promotion of justice. And the promotion of justice here -- we have an unhealed wound at Cheverus High School," he said. 


"We have a whole group of men who are scattered throughout Maine who were sexually abused and are being strong-armed and being told, 'No. We will not provide, we will not make amends, we will not make reparations,'" he said.