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Suspended notorious used car dealer quits after questions Featured

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BREWER - A notorious used car dealer who was sued by the Maine Attorney General's office over his deceptive practices, this week was again working in the used car business.

Glenn Geiser, a Bangor-area used car dealer who in 2014 had his dealer license suspended for seven years, was recently hired to work at Maniac Off Road Used Truck and Cars, also known as Mann Hill Garage.

We decided to investigate after several people contacted us, claiming that Geiser was working illegally.

We found out that is just not true.

“He can certainly work for a licensed dealer as an employee under the consent agreement. He just can't run his own dealership,” said Linda Conti, Assistant Attorney General, who is chief of the Division of Consumer Protection.

Geiser was sued by the Maine Attorney General's office in 2014 for unfair and deceptive trade practices. He signed a consent agreement later in the year that included a suspension of his license to own a used car business for seven years, or until 2021. It also ordered him to reimburse consumers.

Provisions of the agreement allow Geiser to work for a licensed car dealership, as long as that person is not a member of his household. It also required that he notify the Attorney General's office if he gets such a job.

Conti said Geiser informed her a couple weeks ago that he would be working for a licensed dealer. The fact that one of the managers for the Brewer business is a relative of Geiser is not a violation of the agreement, she said.

Geiser did attempt to open another car dealership in Bangor during 2014 that never came to fruition after the state learned the owner lived with him in Brewer.

Gieser said Thursday that he didn't want to put a bad spotlight on the Brewer business, so he quit.

“I just resigned,” he said after stopping at the end of the driveway of the Brewer business. “I told them that they're going to have somebody else cover the phone and the desk, because I'm done. Because I'm not going to allow you guys to be hurt because of me.”

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