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Center for Innovation helping out businesses Featured

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ELLSWORTH - An incubator center in Ellsworth is helping businesses hit the ground running.



Center for Innovation in Ellsworth is an incubator center for different businesses and each has its' own office space.


Economic development advisor for Ellsworth Micki Sumpter said, "We wanted to bring all the partners together and see if they can help this entrepreneurial center to build on all the small businesses so they can go out and expand and bring more business into Ellsworth and also have Ellsworth help them."


The center has been open since 2016 and has been helping small businesses ever since. The center recently received a $10,000 grant from the Maine Community Foundation.


Kay Taylor co-founder of Genotyping center of America said, "This allows us rather than each company building their own lab we can share this space so it saves us costs at a crucial time when you're starting out."


A lot of the business owners here say it's helpful having other professionals here so they can network and learn from each other.


Owner of Pro31 Cleaning solutions Mindy Proulx said, "We network all the time we talk about finances we talk about what bank are you using."


Clyde Ford whose business is 3D printing has helped make a business logo for Pro31 Cleaning Solutions and items for Genotyping center of America to use in their lab.


He said he came to the center to really help kick start his business and get his name out there, "I did bring a business plan to them I've been talking to other business companies SBA and stuff trying to develop my business plan a little bit more to try and get myself up to that level," said Ford.


Justin Muniz a technology consultant and owner of Just I.T. said he came here for the fiber optic internet, "I thought geez if somebody is bringing fiber internet to businesses to Ellsworth than I want to be part of that."


Chuck Carter President of Eager Games said, "We do a variety of things for the people who come here if they want to chime in and people who thinking about coming out here."


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