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Friday, 11 January 2019 13:53

Medicaid expansion underway

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AUGUSTA - Gov. Janet Mills said more than 500 Mainers already have health care coverage under Maine's voter-approved Medicaid expansion.

The governor, who is a Democrat, said she will work with lawmakers to fully fund coverage for at least 70,000 Mainers -- and do it without raising taxes.


Mills is encouraging people who have been denied benefits in the past to apply again.


"When somebody walks into the doctor's office and says, 'I know I need this treatment this service but I don't have insurance,' someone can say, 'Well here's this application, you can go online,' facilitate that process so they don't have to go to Augusta," she said.


Republicans responded with the following statement: 


"Governor Mills told the federal government that the general fund surplus can pay for expansion. She then identified a completely different source -- tobacco settlement money. Either way, she is spending it now and figuring out how to pay for it later."