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Thursday, 10 January 2019 22:22

Marijuana ordinance change could use highways as a legal buffer

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BANGOR - Bangor could be changing its marijuana ordinances to allow interstates as a buffer between marijuana related locations and other zoning uses.


Currently, marijuana cultivation facilities and stores have to be a certain distance from areas like churches, residential neighborhoods, and parks.


A proposed ordinance change would let interstates like I-395 to act as a buffer.


Bangor's legal department said this came about because someone wants to make a marijuana cultivation facility in the industrial area near I-395. But that was, by the current standards, too close to a public park.


"If you've got an interstate between a public park and a marijuana use, that's probably enough of a buffer," said Paul Nicklas, Bangor's assistant city solicitor, "you don't really need to have a whole three hundred or a thousand feet."


The legal team said they are putting the same regulations on medical marijuana stores as they will eventually put for recreational use stores.


This ordinance change will be taken up by the full council at their next meeting on Monday.

Kelly Mitchell

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