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East Millinocket man pleads guilty to murder, robbery

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BANGOR - An East Millinocket man charged in the shooting death and robbery of a Millinocket businessman has decided to plead guilty to the charges against him.

Tony Locklear, 44, entered guilty pleas to murder, elevated aggravated assault and robbery in the death of Wayne Lapierre.


The Dec. 19, 2017 home invasion and double shooting also involved Locklear's daughter, Alexis Locklear, and her boyfriend, Christopher Murray, who are both from North Carolina.


Murray faces murder and robbery charges and she faces accessory to felony murder and robbery.


“He did so because he wanted to own up to his involvement, but also more important, or as importunately, he wanted to set the record straight with the state about Alexis' involvement,” said Jeffrey Silverstein, attorney for Tony Locklear.


During the fatal crime, Lapierre's wife also was shot twice in the head but survived. The affidavit states that Tony Locklear was an accessory to the murder but did not pull the trigger.


Tony Locklear has also been charged with murder and kidnapping in the 2017 death of a North Carolina man. His daughter is expected in court on Jan. 22 to plead guilty to charges related to the Millinocket crime.


Murray's murder trial is expected to begin on Jan. 28.


Tony Locklear faces a penalty of 25 years to life in prison for the murder charge.

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