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Wednesday, 09 January 2019 16:49

Lawmakers three day tour across the state of Maine Featured

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AUGUSTA - Various legislators are taking a three-day tour across the state to visit different businesses and to see how they can better help the state of Maine as a whole.


The legislator tour is an opportunity for lawmakers to see other parts of the state where they normally wouldn't go.


They will meet with businesses, education organizations and citizens of those communities to learn about what's going on, what issues they're facing, and what obstacles lie ahead.


Senator Rebecca Millett, D - South Portland said, "Making sure that we all have sharing information and a shared understanding of what Maine citizens are facing in their daily lives."


Representative Kent Ackley I - Monmouth said, "Last time we went up to Aroostook County to take a look at potato processing and some other small business ventures up there."


Senator Scott Cyrway said it's good not just for the businesses, but for legislators to get to work together, "It doesn't matter what party, we're here for a good reason for all the state of Maine to help each other."


Representative Sheldon Hanington R - Lincoln said, "It gives us a chance to bridge the divide between democrats and republicans."


They also get to find out what the business demands are and which bills affect them.


"It's very important for us to go on these trips to find out exactly what is happening," said Cyrway.


"It's absolutely essential because it informs how you approach the legislation that's coming before you. How you are going to be taking votes, and as much as we are elected to represent our constituents there's also this layer of understanding that there's a responsibility for serving the state of Maine as a whole as well," said Millett.


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