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Sheriff reflects on productive year Featured

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ELLSWORTH - The past year was a busy one for the Hancock County Sheriff's Office.

Officials say they had a number of accomplishments aside from their daily activities in 2018.


Their canine officer was certified as a drug detection dog. They got two officers trained in the D.A.R.E. Program and got them back working in the schools. They were also able to continue their workforce program at the jail to help inmates with opioid addiction get high school diplomas, housing and assistance with jobs.


The sheriff says they also created a Violent Offender Task Force.


"It sends a message that we take domestic violence very, very serious. If you are arrested on this we are going to do our best to hold you to the conditions that you signed when you leave on your bail form and hopefully it gives the victims some piece of mind," says Sheriff Scott Kane.


Sheriff Kane says that this year, they will be working on expanding the regional communications center and training everyone on a computer system that will give every department in the area access to the same information.

They also are gearing up for the Sheriff's Cup Basketball Tournament in March. That is their biggest fundraiser and allows them to do charity work throughout the year.