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New display honors Maine's fallen veterans Featured

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BANGOR - A way to honor those killed in the line of duty is now on display in Bangor.


The Summit Project teamed up with Penquis to house an honor display case in the Bangor community non-profit's building.


A ribbon cutting on Monday marked the new temporary home for The Summit Project's stones.


As part of The Summit Project, these same stones are carried in the warmer months to the mountain tops of Maine. Each is marked with the name of a fallen hero.


"Their focus is on something bigger than themselves, and that's where I want to be as well," said Susan Stout, a Gold Star mother, about her involvement with The Summit Project.


Volunteers said The Summit Project is a living memorial. The display at Penquis includes stories about the people featured - memories their family members present were happy to share.


"After, you know, all the military funerals, everybody kind of goes about their lives," said Andrea Marquis, a Gold Star sister and volunteer with The Summit Project. "But this is a way for Gold Star families to have their loved one move on and live on with other people and share their story."


Others with family ties to the military, came out to show the next generation why it's important to remember those who've served.


"I wanted to bring my son out to see it and to understand that ... freedom is not free," said Kelly Robinson.


Her son, Gordan, said, "it's very special to know that someone in my family helped out."


The stones themselves are chosen by the family. For one family involved, the stone was taken from their loved one's favorite fishing spot. His sister and mom, Andrea Marquis and Susan Stout, respectively, said Monday would have been Aaron Marquis's 46th birthday.


"To have my son be represented here with the other Maine fallen heroes is an honor," said Stout. "It makes my heart warm, if you can understand that. And I'm very proud of him."


Penquis will have the stones on display for the public to see until March.

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