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Mainers develop website to help people find low-cost prescriptions Featured

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BANGOR - Maine has one of the largest elderly populations in the country, and many struggle to pay for their medications.

At a time when some prescription drugs are increasing, there's a new way some people may be able find them at little to no cost. is a website that helps people find prescription drugs at low costs by providing ways to find the best prices.


"You can put in any prescription drug and pull up a discount formulary list from Walgreens, Rite Aid, any of them, if that drug is available on their discount formulary," said Nick Mamula, co-founder of


If you can't find the price you're looking for, the difference with this website is if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen, there's a link that says "Click here to see other low-cost options" for whatever you're trying to treat.


"Any drug that's under that category, that medical condition will show up on the discount formulary," said Mamula.


They said it's a website that's easy to navigate and designed to bring with you to the doctor.


"When those patients fall in that donut hole, meaning where a plan goes up to a certain amount, then they have to pay out of pocket, they have to decide whether they can afford their medications out of pocket or not," said Mamula.


They said to get the best price, ask for a written prescription. Take that to the pharmacy, and ask for the prescription under the program name on the website and bypass using insurance.


"If you can help someone find a lower price prescription that treats their medical condition, everybody wins," said Mick Delargy, co-founder of


The website is free to use -- just visit

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