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Orono Police Chief complimented after video recording released Featured

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ORONO -A Youtube video of the Orono Police Chief is getting some attention for all the right reasons.


One man filmed his interaction with Chief Josh Ewing while trying to file a complaint against an officer.


"He spoke to me and he was really attentive to me," said Youtuber "TRG4YouTV". He preferred not to give his real name.


The video, posted on Monday, shows Chief Josh Ewing bringing out an officer complaint form. He also offers to talk over the complaint himself with the visitor.


It might seem like a simple interaction, but the local Youtuber who made the video said he has had a bad encounter with police before. So now he records himself interacting at different police stations around Maine, and posts them online to show the public what to expect.


Youtuber "TRG4YouTV" said he did not actually have a complaint with Orono Police, but said the response he got from the chief was the best and easiest of any department so far.


"I'm assuming his entire department is trained that way," he said. "And that's why I post the videos because I want to make sure that people see that."


According to Chief Ewing he didn't know the video would end up online, but did not mind being recorded.


"Anytime that somebody wants to make a complaint about us we just need to take it, look into it, and see if there's anything we need to change," said Chief Ewing.


The video got more than 2,000 views in one day. One viewer, from Minnesota, called Orono's Town Manager just to say she was impressed.


"We're really lucky to have a chief like Josh," said Town Manager Sophia Wilson. "So I wasn't surprised, but it was very nice to hear from somebody from all the way across the country."


 "Any time we can get some positive feedback from anyone is really nice," said Chief Ewing.


He said they don't get many complaints, but officer complaint forms can be mailed in, or filled out online. The chief also mentioned they have officer recognition forms.


The full video can be seen at TRG4YouTV's Youtube account .

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