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Tips for feeding songbirds during the winter

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BANGOR - Calling all bird watchers! Wildlife specialists say this is one of the best times of year to feed songbirds.

Not only do the bare trees and snow make bird activities more visible, but you're less likely to attract unwanted animals.

Birds don't necessarily depend on extra feeding during the colder months, but it certainly helps when we get lots of snow.

Specialists have some tips to keep in mind this winter.

First, make sure you clean your bird feeders to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria.

"Most people are feeding birds because they enjoy watching them," said Dr. Adrienne Leppold, a state wildlife biologist and songbird specialist. "They don't want to be hurting them. So that's the biggest thing you can do to avoid harm to our little winter feathered friends."

Access to water is also vital for songbirds during the colder months.

Dr. Leppold suggests getting a heated bird bath to provide water without it freezing over.

You'll also attract more birds if you put feeders near something with protection from the elements, like a building overhang or a tree or shrub.

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