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Artist hopes to preseve Bangor Christmas cards, history

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BANGOR - A local artist and collector found a treasure trove of Bangor history and now wants someone to help her preserve it.

What she found was caricature Christmas cards from the 1930s, 40s and 50s and other correspondents from nationally syndicated outdoor columnist and Bangor native William H. Geagan.

“Bill Geagan used to work for I think it was called the Bangor Commercial, but then it was the Bangor Daily News, eventually, and he was a well-known outdoorsman and wrote several books,” Jane Boudreau said standing over boxes of cards.

“I hope I can find a place where these can be categorized and sorted and available for other people to take a look at,” she added.

Geagan spent around three decades covering sports and the outdoors in Bangor and he also wrote three books about his adventures. He died in 1974.

Some of his letters have already been preserved by the Maine State Library.

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