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Handmade items sold to help Bangor's sister city

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BANGOR - Handmade items from Bangor's sister city in El Salvador were up for sale at the Central Meeting House on Sunday.


The clothing and accessories were sewn by a co-op in Carasque, El Salvador.


Bangor has been a sister city with that community since 1991, and the profits made from Sunday's sales are going straight to help sustain their community.


Local volunteers with the project said this annual one-day sale helps Bangor's sister city because there aren't a lot of jobs there.


"It's been an amazing relationship where we learn way more from them than we're able to give," said Katherine Kates of the partnership.


"They are just so hopeful and so clever at keeping their community together," said Karen Volckhausen.


Kates and Volckhausen are volunteers and members of PICA (Power in Community Alliances), the organization that oversees the sister city partnership.


They said this event usually raises hundreds of dollars for the community in El Salvador.


Among other things, that money will be used to send students to high school.


Anyone still interested in buying the handmade clothing can do so by reaching out to PICA's office at 947-4203.

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