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High schoolers start knitting club to help community Featured

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NEWPORT - A new club at Nokomis Regional High School in Newport is helping people stay warm this winter.


The after-school knitting and crocheting club, which started this year, will be donating everything they make to local people in need.


"Everyone was excited to give back to the community, and I think that's where it caught my attention first," said club advisor and English teacher, Anne Dailey.


The student run club was started after freshman Riley Sinclair-Day got the idea and suggested it to his principal.


"I got the thought over night, 'well me and my grandmother crochet and bring baby hats to the NICU (newborn intensive care unit) and so maybe we could donate hats'", said Sinclair-Day.


So a dozen students from all grades now meet once a week to make hats, scarves, and gloves to be donated to charity.


While some have experience already, some are learning how to knit from their classmates.


"Half these people I didn't even know or get along with, and now we're all together - a common interest really," said Zoe Lawler, a freshman at Nokomis Regional High School.


The students plan to reach out to homeless shelters before the Christmas break so they can donate the clothing before the height of winter.


In the meantime, the students said the club has become a big family, and they try to bring in a new member every week.


"It's a group where all of our friends can come together," said Jaycee Cook, a sophomore. "I mean some of us don't know each other but coming together, doing this, teaching each other, is a very good experience."


According to Dailey, the students have helped her learn new techniques to better her knitting passion. And she said they don't plan on stopping after the winter.


"The enthusiasm has been great," said Dailey. "It's lovely to sit around and knit with people you care about...but if you're taking that product and giving it back, I think it means so much more and that all came from the students."


Any organization that needs warm knitted items during this winter can reach out to the club at Nokomis Regional High School.

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