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New Brewer cancer support center seeks mural artist

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BREWER - The operators of a cancer support center in town are looking for someone to help brighten up the place where children play.

The Barbara Sosman Support Center opened in October on Rudman Road, which is beside the Bangor-Brewer Bowling Lanes. They are looking for someone to paint a mural in their children's playroom.

“My daughter came up with the idea of maybe seeing about somebody donating a mural,” said Lisa Spencer, the center's outreach coordinator. “So we put it on the Facebook swap and sell sites and we're trying to get somebody to do that.”

The organizer said they want, “Just something fun and bright for the kids, just something happy.”

The center offers a non-clinical sanctuary for folks impacted by cancer, and benefactor Paul Trommer described it as a place for people to talk, gather, learn, or just get a cup of coffee.

Artists interested in the mural project can contact Lisa Spencer at 691-4465.

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