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Thursday, 13 December 2018 16:34

Owner of dead dog frustrated with slow court proceedings Featured

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ELLSWORTH - A Winter Harbor man whose dog was brutally killed earlier this year will have to wait a few more months before finding out whether he gets justice for his pet.

"We hope that they rot and they live with it the rest of their lives and don't get any sleep at night because what they did to a poor innocent dog," said Becky Sutherland, a protester outside the Ellsworth Court House.

More than a dozen people were out at the court house protesting Thursday morning, in remembrance of a 6-year-old dog named Franky.

Franky belonged to Phillip Torrey.

The dog was kidnapped and killed in late August.

"We want to keep his memory alive so people don't forget," said Sutherland.

The Pug and Boston Terrier mix was allegedly taken from Torrey's home, then shot and killed, wrapped in plastic bags and thrown into the ocean.

His body was found washed up on the Hancock County district attorney's property.

"We need to get these types of people who commit these types of acts some serious help and possibly jail time," said Diana Delossantos, another protester at the court house Thursday. 

The two men accused of the crime, 37-year-old Nathan Burke of Hancock and 22-year-old Justin Chipman of Steuben and Winter Harbor are facing a number of charges, including burglary, theft and aggravated animal cruelty.

The next court date is set for March.

"Whenever that happens," said Torrey, "you kind of lose your confidence that there's going to be some type of justice."

Franky's owner is frustrated about the slow pace of the hearings, but thankful for the support and messages he has received since his dog's death.

"I think that everybody has a dog or a pet," he said. "Everybody knows that feeling that no matter how you feel about politics or the world or right and wrong, when you come home and your pets there, it just makes everything right."

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