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Father reacts to Robert Burton's appeal being denied Featured

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ABBOT - A father shares his reaction to his daughter's murderer's appeal being denied.

"We're really really pleased. I mean we were always wondering and hoping for the best results, but my whole family is just really really pleased with it," That's how Vance Ginn, the father of Stephanie Gebo, felt when he heard the news Robert Burton's appeal was denied.


Robert Burton was sentenced to 55 years in prison last year for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Stephanie Gebo in 2015.


"They all try and find a way to get away with murder. That's what it is," said Ginn.


Ginn said he's been waiting a while for this, but happy with the outcome, "You always wonder is the judge going to see the right thing is he not going to see the right thing...but he saw the right thing."


While waiting for this news, Ginn has been working hard since his daughter's death on The Monitoring Ankle Bracelet Program, which he believes will save the lives of domestic violence victims.


"What that is is a tracking device that the perpetrators have to wear, and I want it to go through the entire state as a bail condition," Ginn said.


Through various fundraisers, Ginn has been able to raise funds for counties still without the program.


"I'm in works with some counties right now on trying to get an exchange for one county to another to see how they work and to get more familiar with it," said Ginn.


There's been positive response from everybody, but Ginn said those are just words right now, "Because the programs aren't in work like they're supposed to be or like they should be."


Ginn said he's doing this to protect our people, "I don't want other people to sleep with a gun under their pillow for the rest of their life. I don't want that."


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