Wednesday, 12 December 2018 23:43

Ellsworth continues to look into banning plastic bags

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ELLSWORTH - The Ellsworth Green Action Team hosted a forum on Wednesday on why they think Ellsworth should ban single use plastic bags.


Businesses, city councilors, and the public had the chance to hear from guest speakers and the team members who have drafted a proposed ordinance for the city.


According to City Council Chair Marc Blanchette, the council could have a plastic bag ban on the agenda as soon as January. But first, they want to hear out concerns and any opposition from small business owners. Blanchette said he has heard mixed things from small businesses, and wants to gather all information first.


At Wednesday's forum, Martha Dickinson, the chair of Ellsworth Green Action Team, said she is for a ban because, "we are a coastal community and so many of these single use plastic bags, because they are so lightweight, just fly and find their way into the ocean. They get entangled into marine life and get eaten by marine life and they cause a lot of marine death."


The ban would include plastic bags used at groceries stores and take out restaurants.


This was the third public forum they have held.


More than a dozen communities in Maine have already passed ordinances limiting the use of single use plastic bags.