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AUGUSTA - The recount for Maine's second congressional district continued today, and officials say they could finish the count sooner than originally expected.

Hands were busy in Augusta as workers continued counting ballots.


"We've been going at a pace, about 28,000 ballots per day," said Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap. "The counters have been working very well together, they've been moving at a very fast clip and what's most important is that it looks like our town clerks have done an excellent job organizing their materials."


Lawyers from the Jared Golden and Bruce Poliqin campaigns continue to monitor the progress, and say no major issues have come up yet.


"Every hour that goes by there's a couple ballots here or there that we might have a disagreement over," said Jared Golden's attorney Ben Grant. "We've been setting those aside, we'll decide those later, but by and large this is going as anticipated and very smoothly."


The recount was expected to take about four weeks, but results could come in sooner.


"I'm not going to promise that we'll get done sooner than that, but I think we could and I think that would be a really good thing for everybody to have closure to this process," said Dunlap.


No matter how long the process takes, representatives from both camps agree it's necessary to assure accurate results.


"I think everyone on both sides of this wants a transparent and accountable process and a recount is an important safety check in the process," said Bruce Poliquin's attorney Josh Tardy.


"What we really want is people to be insured that the votes have been counted and that the people's will has been determined and so everyone in the room has been going at it in a very professional manner," said Grant.


It's possible there will be an outcome before the end of the year, just in time for the winner to be sworn in January 3rd.

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