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Students raise money and buy gifts for children in need Featured

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SKOWHEGAN - The holiday season often brings out the best in people.

Students from some Central Maine schools are giving back to those less fortunate.


This is the fourth year students from the non-profit Jobs For Maine graduates come together to give back to children in need.


The project is called Santa's Helpers, and those helpers come from Skowhegan, Madison, Carrabec and Lawrence.


Career prep and financial literacy for JMG Bethany Shalit said, "So for the past month students have been raising money to get gifts and warm meals and essentials for students around the holidays."


Each school does a different fundraiser and Bethany said the more money they raise the more they are able to do.


"So in the past couple of years, we've been able to add hats and mittens and winter jackets. So the more that the students do the more that they have on the other end," said Shalit.


Students shop for the gifts at the Skowhegan Walmart.


"So we have a $40 budget for each kid and so we pick out what we think is most important," said Madison High School student Sierah Trask.


"It's been really fun," said Madison High School student Susannah Curtis.


One student said this project hit close to home for her, "When I was little I didn't get presents because I had low poverty, and then I was adopted and I find each year I want to strive to get bigger money for children who don't get it because I didn't get it so I think its a good cause," said junior Breanna Mushero.


"It's amazing I mean the kids really get involved with it, and they really do a great job with promoting it and making sure they get out to the community sell as many tickets as possible," said JMG specialist for Skowhegan Area High School Matt Clark.


"I think it's been very rewarding I know a lot of students have said that it makes them appreciate more what they have," said JMG specialist for Madison High School Stephany Perkins.


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