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Local initiative backs young driver safety

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BANGOR - A new program is trying to keep young drivers safe if they get pulled over.


Some Beal Driving Academy students at Beal College in Bangor went through different scenarios of getting pulled over, with some help from Ellsworth PD.


The "Operation Hands On" initiative is to keep young drivers from panicking when they see those flashing blue lights come on. And to make sure they don't reach for their license and registration before the officer asks them to.


"Reassuring them to stay calm and keep those two hands on the wheel so that they don't grab something that could lead to an unsafe reaction by the officer and the driver," said Connor Archer, the founder and executive director of The Courageous Steps Project.


The Courageous Steps Project is behind Operation Hands On. The local non-profit helps young adults with developmental challenges.


Archer said they're working with Beal College to try  to take Operation Hands On to the state level.

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