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The Maine Department of Education presents new public school report card system Featured

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In Augusta Monday morning, a new public school report card system was unveiled.


They're calling it Maine's model of support.


"We're trying to make sure schools are prepared when we release our new report cards and we implement our new models for schools," said Jenette Kirk, Acting Director from the office of learning systems.


At a news conference, educators were introducing the newest report card system public schools will now us.

"Every school in Maine would receive a summative rating that would tell you the health of the school," said Chelsey Fortin-Trimble, ESEA Federal Programs Leader.


But after meeting with over 50 groups made up of parents, students, school board members, and school staff, they realized that system wasn't working.


"When you have a summative rating, you have one thing that tells you the health of the school. Well a school has much more to it than one score, one letter, one star. Really there are many components that make up the school system," said Fortin-Trimble.


The new model is now a tier system, and within those tiers each component is broken down into categories from chronic absenteeism to individual subject progress.


"You'll be able to hover over an indicator and know exactly how we've measured how that school is doing within that indicator," said Fortin-Trimble.


"We're moving from a cookie-cutter approach to really tailoring our support so we're differentiating our support to meet the needs of the school," said Kirk.


This was made possible by a federal act, now known as Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).


"Disadvantaged students to make sure they have equitable access to quality education," said Kirk.


And if schools are struggling to meet the needs of their students, there's additional help.


"When we go to a school and say you're eligible for more support that includes access to 3.5 million dollars in funding annually and a leadership coach and a content specialist," said Fortin-Trimble.


A complete report is expected to be released as early as the end of this year.

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