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Maine seeing increase in meth from out of state

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STATEWIDE - While the number of meth labs being busted by Maine drug agents has dropped in the past couple of years, the state's top drug agent says meth is showing up in Maine in greater numbers than ever.

The Maine Center for Disease Controls recently issued an alert that Maine was seeing more methamphetamine on its streets from out of state.


The director of the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency agrees.


"Our concern is the rise in the availability of the ice or crystal methamphetamine, which is being smuggled into the country and now into Maine, in greater quantities than we've ever seen before," MDEA Director Roy McKinney said.


There is a good reason the meth importers are basically following a well-worn path from Mexico to New England, into the Greater Boston area and then beyond.


"It's following the routes. It's the same drug cartels involved with heroin and cocaine and fentanyl," McKinney said.


Just a couple of years ago, the number of home-made meth labs seized by Maine drug agents peaked at more than 120 but that doesn't mean there's less of the drug in the state.


"In Maine, we've seized a 26-fold increase from January through September of this year as compared to all of last year," McKinney said.


McKinney said that there essentially are two drug categories of concern -- opiates and stimulants, which include cocaine and meth.


concern is the methamphetamine that's produced outside the state of maine that's making it's way into New England.


Mckinney said that while heroin and fentanyl are a concern, there are other drug epidemics out there beyond opioids.


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